UFSC University Library (BU) is a supplementary unit linked to the University Rectorate consisting of a central library, nine branch libraries, a reading room, and an administrative structure comprised of the following sectors: Information Diffusion; Collection Development and Information Processing; Technology, Digital Content and Innovation; Office of Planning and Management, Advisory Board, and Director’s Office.

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BU/UFSC Key Figures

Potential Users  69,977
Average Daily Users  4,719
Physical Collection: current collection No. titles  241,426
No. copies  855,725
Loans Per day  1,410
Per year  335,946
Returns Per day  1,352
Per year  322,210
Renewals Per day  2,645
Per year  965,396
Information Literacy Trainings  684
Number of Participants in Trainings  9,372

1) These figures are from the period between December 2015 and November 2016.
2) In addition to the physical collection, BU/UFSC also provides access to several online databases covering different areas.