General Services

  • BiblioCentros
    Promotion of UFSC University Library (BU/UFSC)’s services, aiming at expanding the participation of BU/UFSC in meeting the information demands of the university community.
  • BU Social
    Social projects and institutions supported by UFSC Library.
  • Cataloging in publication
    Free of charge preparation of catalog records for books and journals edited by UFSC academic and administrative units.
  • Digital Inclusion
    Room equipped with computers at the disposal of the university community and the community in general.
  • Distance learning (EaD)
    Instructions for distance learning students, tutors and teachers on the use of the library’s physical and virtual resources.
  • Document Delivery Services
    Request of parts of materials, such as journal articles, book chapters, thesis and dissertation chapters, etc., available in collections from other institutions. 
  • Event spaces
    Use policy and reservation system for library spaces available to the university community for non-profit academic, technical-scientific and cultural events.
  • Events
    Film exhibitions, lectures and debates on literature, literary meetings, exhibitions, among other cultural and education projects. Some of these events are open to the public, while others are restricted to the university staff.
  • Guided visit
    Group visits to the library, previously arranged and guided by a librarian.
  • Identification sheet
    System developed to automatically generate identification sheets for academic papers (monographs, theses and dissertations).
  • Internships
    Useful information on the compulsory internship of Library Science students.
  • Legal deposit
    Legal deposit of all publications written, edited, published and/or printed by UFSC, regardless of their physical support.
  • Loan of netbooks
    Loan of netbooks or similar devices for use inside the library.
  • Reprography
    Photocopies and scanners for the partial reproduction of materials.
  • Information Literacy
    Information Literacy program: information on the services offered by the library, provision of tutorials and the library’s training agenda.
  • Web TV
    Service of information dissemination, in partnership with the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES) of the Brazilian Ministry of Education, on topics that are of interest to the university community, through televisions installed in the library.